Quite an experience
Quite an experience
2014-04-22 12:00:00

A look at some HS teams with loads and loads of experience for 2014.

 By Greg Tepper
 DCTF Managing Editor

There are few things that coaches value more than experience. This time of year, as we put together the 2014 Summer Edition of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football, we’re reminded of that. Coach after coach tells us that they’re experienced, or they lack experience, or they need experience, or they’ve got plenty of experience. And from that, they’re able to glean how their team will do.

Now, is experience the end-all be-all? Of course not – there are great teams that are almost entirely newcomers, and there are bad teams that have lots of senior leaders. But it can be a valuable indicator of what to expect.

And there are some teams that…well, they’re entering 2014 with an embarrassment of riches in the experience department. Here are some units to keep an eye on.

CC Flour Bluff offense: 10 returning starters
Coming off of a 10-win season in 2013, the Hornets – with new coach Chris Steinbruck – will welcome back a whopping 10 starters on offense, most notably WRs Aaron Dilworth and Kevin Dewitt, plus QB Cody Brewer and newcomer of the year RB Reidel Clayton. Considering the Hornets averaged more than 38.5 points per game last season, having so many starters back is certainly a sign that FB is dangerous.

Robinson defense: 10 returning starters
The Rockets’ offense was the big draw last season, but perhaps coach Tommy Allison’s D will take center stage in 2014. Robinson must replace just one starter on defense (Zac Law), which means the likes of LB Matt McNew, DE Ricky Thompson (who had 11 sacks last season) and DE Kalil Washington are back. Robinson’s defense was good last year; it could be sensational this year.

Teague offense: 11 returning starters
You read that right: the entirety of Teague’s offense is returning in 2014. That means QB Austin Skinner (2,472 yards, 29 TDs passing), RB John Love (2,117 yards, 24 TDs rushing), WR Aaron Mitchell (1,189 yards, 17 TDs receiving) and the entire offensive line. The Lions could be lethal. 

San Augustine defense: 11 returning starters
Admittedly, last year’s 5-7 season isn’t what the Wolves had in mind, but having the entire defense back will certainly give them a leg up in 2014. There are playmakers here – like all-district DE Chervaric Berry and his brother, all-district DL Charvaris Berry – but the Wolves gave up 40+ points seven times last season, including 71 to Mart and 84 to Alto. Experience should help tone that down.

Gladewater offense: 10 returning starters
You’ll hear a lot about Gladewater this season, and most of the attention will be on the defense – they have one of the very best 2015 recruits in DT Daylon Mack. But the offense, which dealt with bouts of spottiness last season, will be back almost entirely intact. The running game should hum behind a seasoned offensive line and RB James Reese, and FB Justice Centers should be an asset for the Bears as well.

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